OFF-WHITE homenageia Marcel Duchamp com graphic hoodie

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Virgil Abloh presta homenagem ao icônico artista Marcel Duchamp em um novo hoodie. A peça faz referência a uma das primeiras obras de Duchamp – Fountain – que foi um mictório de porcelana dotado com o pseudônimo de “R. Mutt”. Na época, a inclusão de um item cotidiano que não tinha nenhum uso como uma forma de arte era inédito, e quando Duchamp apresentou a peça à Society of Independent Artists, Fountain foi rejeitada. Algumas décadas mais tarde, Duchamp ressurgiu entre uma multidão de artistas que definiu vanguarda e fez um nome para a arte conceitual. Agora, Duchamp é considerado entre os grandes como Pablo Picasso e Henri Matisse. A peça Fountain comemora seu 100º aniversário este ano.

O hoodie de Virgil Abloh possui um “R. Mutt 1917”, as mesmas insígnias sobre a própria escultura e na parte de trás do hoodie é uma explicação e as palavras “Off-White ™ c / o R.MUTT”. Apresentado no perfil da OFF-WHITE no Instagram, as imagens foram acompanhadas por uma longa legenda.  PeeJay

Off-White™ c/o R.MUTT ~ A hundred years ago today, Marcel Duchamp, a French artist domiciled in New York, paid the entry fee for an exhibition organised by the Society of Independent Artists. Duchamp’s contribution to the show, titled Fountain, was a porcelain urinal he had purchased on April 2, 1917 and signed with the pseudonym R Mutt. When the show opened on April 10, 1917, Duchamp found his entry hidden away by scandalised organisers. Afterwards, the piece was lost, probably chucked out with the garbage. Although he protested the treatment meted out to his art, the episode was soon forgotten and he faded into relative obscurity. Four decades later, Duchamp’s concerns found echoes among a new generation of artists looking to break away from dominant conventions. John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, among others, drew on his example in their own work, and by the time of his death in 1968, he had become a celebrated name within a small community of avant-garde visual artists, musicians and film-makers. His reputation has continued to grow since then, and when the British Broadcasting Company asked 500 leading artists, critics and historians to rank the most influential works of modern art, Fountain placed first, ahead of seminal paintings by Picasso and Matisse like Guernica and The Red Studio. Modern art presents many obstacles to the lay public. A lot of it seems absurd, or lacking skill, or designed merely to shock. Duchamp’s Fountain was all of these. Understanding how it went from the garbage heap to the top of the art pile is a good way to comprehend debates surrounding contemporary art as a whole. ~

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